Taking advantage of boots 3 for 2 offer

During this past week I’ve seen quite a few people on blogger and YouTube mention the Botanics cleansing balm and as my Liz Earle cleanse & polish has nearly ran out I decided to take advantage of the boots 3 for 2 offer.


I bought a mini sized bottle of Soap and Glory Hand food to try out, I have a few other products from the original pink range and I love them so I have high expectations for this product. I have a hard time finding hand creams I like as my hands don’t seem to soak in the cream as well as my body or face, they always end up greasy which mean I can’t do anything until I wash/wipe it off. This was £2.25 for a 50ml tube.

My Asda eye make-up remover has finally ran out, I really hated this stuff, it left my skin sticky afterwards, so I bought the Botanics soothing eye make-up remover. In the past I’ve used Lancôme's make-up remover with the oil layer and really liked it so when I saw this had the oil part I was excited to try it. I was surprised at how small the bottle is though (150ml) but as I’m only testing it and at the moment don’t know if I like it or not this is a good thing. This costs £2.93 and was the item I received for free :)

Recently my Simple toner just isn’t really doing anything for my skin, I’m not seeing any differences so I decided to try out Botanics organic rosewater toner. I don’t like using products with fragrance on my face but with just a hint of rose I can get over it if it works :) Once again I was surprised by the size, this is also 150ml for £3.91.

Lots of people have been raving about Boots Expert build up remover shampoo and as my hair has been feeling a bit lifeless due to product build up I decided to give this a whirl. This is £2.99 which is really quite cheap as it isn’t going to be used every time I was my hair so it should last a long time. I’m going to use this when I next wash my hair so a review will be up shortly.

The Botanics cleansing balm was £6.36 and includes a 15g jar of the “super” balm and a muslin cloth. First impressions, I really like the smell of the balm, reminds me of a nail balm, and I’m really excited to try it out. Boots say it contains “92% certified organic ingredients” which is always good :) I’m not too sure about the muslin cloth though, it doesn’t look as soft as Liz Earle ones but I’m going to try it out. If I don’t like it I can always go back to using the Liz Earle ones. Once I’ve used this for a couple of weeks I’ll write a proper review on it. Quick question to anyone who has tried this product, it says on the box not to use near eyes, so does this mean I can’t use it to take off my eye make-up?


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