Review: Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick SPF15

I entered an Avon competition (details about this can be found here) and was sent a lipstick.
Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick SPF15 in Metallic Rose
price: £7.00
Picture 016
Avon describes this as an “Ultra soft mousse core with special conditioners to soften and smooth lips,surrounded by full colour. SPF15.” As I said in my previous post about this lipstick, I totally agree with this statement, it glides on to your lips so smoothly. If you don’t have dry or chapped lips you will not need to apply lip balm before you put this on. This lipstick is moisturising it is unreliable, none of my other lipsticks are like this.
What I think: This lipstick smells divine, it smells of sweets like you should really eat it :) I would be tempted to get it just to smell it! You do get the advantage that it is a gorgeous colour too.
When I first put it on I was a bit worried about the colour, if you apply it using the bullet it will come out as a bright bright pink. This may suit some but I have quite a small mouth and a thin top lip, some colours just don’t suit this. I’ve decided using it this way would be fine for the evening and going out but not during the day. I have found though that you can tone it down by using a lip brush or blending into your lips with you finger. This creates a nice pink lip which could be built on in the evening.
After applying it I then tested it for staying power and I have to say it totally failed :( I really was hoping this lipstick would excel at everything but it didn’t As I was eating my breakfast I could see lip marks on the fork (I was eating melon) and on my glass. Once I had finished there wasn’t a trace of lipstick left on my lips so you would have to reapply after every meal and drink which isn’t always practical. Another point about this lipstick which I find annoying is the packaging. I do love the black and the unique shape but I kept on dropping it! I managed to drop it 3 times when trying to put the lid on, the lid doesn’t click into place very well so watch out with that!
Overall though I would recommend this lipstick to those of you who don’t mind reapplying and I’m defiantly going to buy a couple more colours. I’m thinking nude glow and delicate pink!
The shade I received doesn't seem to be available on the Avon website, I’m not sure if it is discontinued or they created a new shade especially for this competition. There are 8 other shades available on the website though:

  • Champagne

  • Crushed Rose

  • Delicate Pink

  • Frozen Rose

  • Mango Sorbet

  • Nude Glow

  • Plum Frost

  • Very Cherry

If you enter this competition and you are one of the lucky 1000 to be sent a lipstick I am not sure which colour you will receive.


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