Review: Boots Expert Product Build Up Removal Shampoo

After reading so many rave reviews about the boots product build-up removal shampoo so I had to buy it as my hair just wasn’t looking its best.
First impression, I’m not keen on the bottle, I like interesting packaging and this just doesn’t do it for me. I always judge a book by its cover but as I’d heard so many good points about it I looked past this.
I used it for the first time last night, I didn’t like the smell at all, its hard to describe but once I’d used my Herbal Essence conditioner the horrible smell had gone. It lathered up really well, just as good as any other shampoo I’ve used. It also didn’t make my hair feel dry or knotty which I was a bit wary about at first as it must be stronger than normal shampoo to be able to get rid of the product.
I followed this up with my normal conditioner and then blow-dried my hair only using a heat protection spray. I was very impressed, my hair felt smooth and silky and my natural volume was back. Overall my hair looked and felt a lot more healthy.
I won’t be using this on a regular basis, maybe once every two weeks or whenever I feel a product build up
At only £2.99 for the bottle I will defiantly be buying it again :)


  1. oh this sounds good, i might pick it up next time im in boots :)

  2. I highly recomend it, something like this is good just to have in the bathroom cupboard even if you only use it like once a month

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