A query on the Bare Escentuals flawless face brush

I bought my Bare Escentuals flawless face brush a few days ago in the starter kit. The first time I used it it shed some hairs, I thought this was normal as it was the first time being used and there's always one or two loose hairs. But then every time I used it it shed so many hairs, at this rate after a month there will be no bristles left!!
Has anyone else had this problem? Should I send it back?
Would really appreciate some advice!!
**Update** I emailed the BE people and got a reply back, not very helpful at all, after me writing a huge paragraph to them I got one lousy line back. The person just said go to Debenhams and they might give me a new one. Wasn’t very impressed at all.
So I decided to keep on using it and see what happens, I have another 2 weeks or so before my receipt became invalid and guess what! It’s finally stopped shedding hairs so I’m going to keep it :) I am now a happy customer


  1. I'd send them an email and say that you are unhappy with your purcahse and think it may have slipped through their quality control. Collect any hairs that fall out as evidence. Maybe washing it might help- but wait and see what they suggest.

    Hopefully they'll replace it for you free of charge- but I always find bristles fall out for the first 2 washes, and then settle.

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  3. I'll write an email now, the kabuki and concealer brush are fine, they havent lost one single hair! So maybe it is just this one brush
    thanks for the help! :)

  4. Hi hun, thanks for the follow. I've not had the problem of this brush shedding before. Although I do find it abit scratchy on the face but apparently it's meant to be like that lol. x

  5. @Lu I've used it everyday for the second week now and its finally stopped shedding hairs :D I'm so pleased, I thought i'd have no brush left!
    It is abit scratchy, I prefer the kabuki for my foundation but use this for blush/bronzer
    I have found that if you use it at a 45° angle instead of 90° its less scratchy though


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