A Little treat :)

My dad came home from work yesterday with a little surprise for me :) He said it was a treat as my skin has finally gotten back to normal(apart from the eczema) after my skin infection so he bought me a fresher's box :)
I’ve been looking at these on the website for a few days but didn’t really like one particular box, I would have had to mix n match between the three boxes. I then read that if you go to a store you can build your own. I told my parents about it, not expecting anything to come from it until my dad came home yesterday.
He did a wonderful job of getting all the things I wanted!
Camera copy
The face mask isn’t in the picture, I put it in the fridge as soon as I had opened as it had started to separate a bit.
My box includes:

  • Rock star soap (£2 worth)

  • Porridge soap (£2 worth)

  • Jumping Juniper shampoo bar (full size)

  • Vitamin E and Vitamin C toner tabs (normal size)

  • Sugar scrub (mini)

  • Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask (full size)

  • Vanishing cream (trial size)

And then he got me a shampoo tin to keep the shampoo bar in and a tea tree toner tab to try. I will be trying them all out over the next couple of weeks and will be writing a review. The box is much smaller than what I thought it would be but the assistant managed to squeeze everything in very well!
You can buy these fresher’s boxes on the lush website and in store for £10 but remember if you want to customise your box you will have to visit a store. As far as I’m aware these boxes are only available in the UK.


  1. Awww how sweet and thoughtfull is your dad!!!

    Make sure you pamper yourself good and proper now hunny.



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