Don’t you just love OPI’s names?!

This has sort of turned into a collection/review post so beware it is quite long!
I love my OPI nail polishes and I never buy any other brand as I am always disappointed as OPI’s polishes are such high quality. I’m quite happy with my collection at the moment, I have at least one from each colour group but I do want to try their new matte polishes! My first polish from OPI was Romeo & Juliet which I bought in New York, this was the polish which started my obsession :)
Below are my full sized OPI’s:
Picture 004 copy
Left to right
Dating a royal, Need sunglasses?, Do you lilac it?, Overexposed in south beach, Brand new skates, Los cabos coral, Romeo and joliet and Elephantastic pink!
My brother bought me the spring colour cuties set for my birthday which contains:
Picture 002 copyRapidry top coat, Plugged in plum, Don’t know … Beets me! This set also came with Mod about you but I didn’t like it so I gave it away in a swap.
The spring colour cuties are all miniature sizes which you can see below :) they are so cute! The normal size polishes are 15ml whereas the mini ones are 3.75ml

Picture 003 copy
Apparently you can paint 60 manicures using the normal sizes and 10 for the mini’s :)
The reason I love these polishes so much is the staying power. On my feet they can last for 2 weeks without chipping, sometimes longer, and just over a week on my fingers. I’ve never used any other polish that lasts that long before. You also only need 2 coats to be able to achieve bottle colour and they dry so quickly as well. I’d almost forgotten to talk about the brush!! It is flat and really big which makes painting your nails so much easier! Two strokes with the brush and your nail is covered, once dry it will look like a professional has done it for you :)
At around £10 for a bottle some may find this brand too expensive, especially those who have never tried it before. I bought my first bottle in the states so with the exchange rate a few years ago it cost me around £5 which was great value for my first try, if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be loosing out on too much money. If you do want to try this brand for the first time I’d recommend getting a set like my one above, they cost around £12 and you can try out 4 of the colours. Asos usually has OPI’s cheap during sale times so check them out too.
I wouldn’t buy too many though! They are huge and you will have them for a long time! I have 10 colours and I’m beginning to think this is too much. I haven’t been using my Romeo and Joliet for a couple of months and its beginning to thicken. Therefore I’d suggest getting one per season :)
I’ve also tried the famous Nail envy but I really didn’t like it! Neither did my mum. Whether we used it for a treatment, a bottom coat or a top coat it just peeled! This also happens with the Rapidry I have from the spring cuties set. I guess some products just don’t work for everyone!

Where to buy in the UK…
There isn’t a salon near me where I can go look and buy so I usually order mine off but the photos sometimes look totally different to the actual colour of the polish so be careful. Lena white do have the majority of the range though. You can also search for your nearest salon which sell’s opi here too which is useful. only sell a few collections but the photos are more like the actual nail polishes.
Totally forgot that QVC sells OPI too! thanks to Rosa Adores for reminding me! They sell a lot of sets on QVC for a really good price, as always!
If anyone knows of any other salons/stores you can buy OPI from write them down in the comments, I’d like to know as well as others reading this :)
Keep a look out for NOTD’s if you want to see what these colours look like on the nail, most look the same as in the bottle but some of the shimmers look different depending on how many layers you use.


  1. nice collection... i really want to try OPI nail polishes.
    i know that you can also purchase sets from QVC, you should check it out :)

  2. @Rosa Adores... oooh yeh totally forgot about qvc! I'll add it in now, thanks :)

  3. Yeah I love OPI too!
    Nothing beats the big the big brushes and super clever names!

  4. OPI are liars but in a good way. They say you should be able to get 10 manicures from the small bottle, I've done about 35 odd and the bottle is still going strong. I don't think I will ever buy a bigger bottle.

  5. @Rhamnousia haha I know, ive done about 10 in one of my minis and I've only used a little bit
    I'm worried about the bigger bottles drying out as they take so long to use up!!


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