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A Little treat :)

My dad came home from work yesterday with a little surprise for me :) He said it was a treat as my skin has finally gotten back to normal(apart from the eczema) after my skin infection so he bought me a fresher's box :)
I’ve been looking at these on the website for a few days but didn’t really like one particular box, I would have had to mix n match between the three boxes. I then read that if you go to a store you can build your own. I told my parents about it, not expecting anything to come from it until my dad came home yesterday.
He did a wonderful job of getting all the things I wanted!

The face mask isn’t in the picture, I put it in the fridge as soon as I had opened as it had started to separate a bit.
My box includes:

Rock star soap (£2 worth)

Porridge soap (£2 worth)

Jumping Juniper shampoo bar (full size)

Vitamin E and Vitamin C toner tabs (normal size)

Sugar scrub (mini)

Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask (full size)

Vanishing cream (trial size)

And then he got me a shampoo tin to keep…

Don’t you just love OPI’s names?!

This has sort of turned into a collection/review post so beware it is quite long!
I love my OPI nail polishes and I never buy any other brand as I am always disappointed as OPI’s polishes are such high quality. I’m quite happy with my collection at the moment, I have at least one from each colour group but I do want to try their new matte polishes! My first polish from OPI was Romeo & Juliet which I bought in New York, this was the polish which started my obsession :)
Below are my full sized OPI’s:

Left to right
Dating a royal, Need sunglasses?, Do you lilac it?, Overexposed in south beach, Brand new skates, Los cabos coral, Romeo and joliet and Elephantastic pink!
My brother bought me the spring colour cuties set for my birthday which contains:
Rapidry top coat, Plugged in plum, Don’t know … Beets me! This set also came with Mod about you but I didn’t like it so I gave it away in a swap.
The spring colour cuties are all miniature sizes which you can see below :) they are so cute! The no…

A query on the Bare Escentuals flawless face brush

I bought my Bare Escentuals flawless face brush a few days ago in the starter kit. The first time I used it it shed some hairs, I thought this was normal as it was the first time being used and there's always one or two loose hairs. But then every time I used it it shed so many hairs, at this rate after a month there will be no bristles left!!
Has anyone else had this problem? Should I send it back?
Would really appreciate some advice!!

**Update** I emailed the BE people and got a reply back, not very helpful at all, after me writing a huge paragraph to them I got one lousy line back. The person just said go to Debenhams and they might give me a new one. Wasn’t very impressed at all. So I decided to keep on using it and see what happens, I have another 2 weeks or so before my receipt became invalid and guess what! It’s finally stopped shedding hairs so I’m going to keep it :) I am now a happy customer

Review: Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick SPF15

I entered an Avon competition (details about this can be found here) and was sent a lipstick.
Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick SPF15 in Metallic Rose

Avon describes this as an “Ultra soft mousse core with special conditioners to soften and smooth lips,surrounded by full colour. SPF15.” As I said in my previous post about this lipstick, I totally agree with this statement, it glides on to your lips so smoothly. If you don’t have dry or chapped lips you will not need to apply lip balm before you put this on. This lipstick is moisturising it is unreliable, none of my other lipsticks are like this.
What I think: This lipstick smells divine, it smells of sweets like you should really eat it :) I would be tempted to get it just to smell it! You do get the advantage that it is a gorgeous colour too.
When I first put it on I was a bit worried about the colour, if you apply it using the bullet it will come out as a bright bright pink. This may suit some but I have quite a small mouth a…

New Topshop, Soap and glory, Bare minerals

I took a little trip into town today to have a look round the new topshop that has opened and buy a few bits. We’ve had a tiny topshop and miss selfridge ever since the whole Liverpool One fiasco started but the new stores opened yesterday. I was tempted to go and take advantage of the freebies on Friday but I’m glad I didn’t. Whilst I was walking around I heard one girl say that it was much busier yesterday and that it’s practically empty in comparison. I was shocked, it was so busy you couldn’t walk at a normal pace!! I’m so glad I didn’t go yesterday! The main reason I went to topshop was to find a top I’ve wanted for weeks but they didn’t have it :( so I’ll have to order it online.Whilst I was walking over to Debenhams I saw Mario and Lisa from BB signing autographs! hahaha they are a funny couple,there was a massive queue so I didn’t join in the funI bought the starter kit of Bare Minerals as I had a bit of unexpected money come in, like usual instead of saving it like I should …

Review: Boots Expert Product Build Up Removal Shampoo

After reading so many rave reviews about the boots product build-up removal shampoo so I had to buy it as my hair just wasn’t looking its best.

First impression, I’m not keen on the bottle, I like interesting packaging and this just doesn’t do it for me. I always judge a book by its cover but as I’d heard so many good points about it I looked past this.
I used it for the first time last night, I didn’t like the smell at all, its hard to describe but once I’d used my Herbal Essence conditioner the horrible smell had gone. It lathered up really well, just as good as any other shampoo I’ve used. It also didn’t make my hair feel dry or knotty which I was a bit wary about at first as it must be stronger than normal shampoo to be able to get rid of the product.
I followed this up with my normal conditioner and then blow-dried my hair only using a heat protection spray. I was very impressed, my hair felt smooth and silky and my natural volume was back. Overall my hair looked and felt a lot mo…

Avon Lipstick competition and a MUA Swap

I entered an Avon competition to win one of 1000 Ultra Colour Rick Mousse Lipsticks with SPF15, (£7.00), all you had to do was count how many lips you could find in the brochure and fill in your details. I did this and totally forgot about it until the post man knocked with a little parcel from Avon. I opened it to find a lovely little lipstick inside. I received Metallic rose which is perfect for me and it smells divine, it smells of sweets like you should really eat it :) This lipstick doesn't seem to be available on the Avon website but there are 8 other shades. Avon describes it as “ultra soft mousse core with special conditioners to soften and smooth lips,surrounded by full colour with SPF15” I totally agree with this, it glides on to your lips so smoothly. You can either wear it as a vibrant pink or tone it down a bit by blending into your lips. I urge everyone to enter this competition, you can do so here, and hopefully you will receive a lipstick. If you want to know the a…

Taking advantage of boots 3 for 2 offer

During this past week I’ve seen quite a few people on blogger and YouTube mention the Botanics cleansing balm and as my Liz Earle cleanse & polish has nearly ran out I decided to take advantage of the boots 3 for 2 offer. I bought a mini sized bottle of Soap and Glory Hand food to try out, I have a few other products from the original pink range and I love them so I have high expectations for this product. I have a hard time finding hand creams I like as my hands don’t seem to soak in the cream as well as my body or face, they always end up greasy which mean I can’t do anything until I wash/wipe it off. This was £2.25 for a 50ml tube.My Asda eye make-up remover has finally ran out, I really hated this stuff, it left my skin sticky afterwards, so I bought the Botanics soothing eye make-up remover. In the past I’ve used Lancôme's make-up remover with the oil layer and really liked it so when I saw this had the oil part I was excited to try it. I was surprised at how small the bo…

Giveaway goodies :)

I recently won Domanique's (Live. Laugh. Love. Fashion.) giveaway and my prizes arrived in the post today :D I opened the envelope to find the prizes in a cute little elephant gift bag which was so nice, in this I found a lovely note along with Natural collection papaya body spray which smells divine and like I could eat it :), Make-up Academy nail varnish in shade Soda Pop, Dazzle dust #68 - Saphire, Dazzle dust #03 - pink gold, a mud mask, Mango & papaya hair conditioner and some cute false eyelashes I love all the things I got and can't wait to try them out properly, thank you so much Domanique for being so kind! :)

Heres a close up of the Dazzle dusts, saphire on the left and pink-gold on the right. This may come as a shock but these are my first dazzle dusts! Shock horror I know but I've only recently started using loose eyeshadows again and have fallen back in love with them, I have no idea why I stopped to be honest. I've wanted to buy pink-gold for quite a w…

I've just made another blog, this one is for my art :)

I've created another blog where I will document my art interests, projects, what I'm doing at the moment,
If you are interested in art and want to see what I do then click HERE It may be a little slower than this one as art does take a fairly long time but bare with me :)

Whats in your bag tag

I know this tag is old but I haven't done it yet so here we go :)1. Post a picture of the bag, purse, handbag, pocketbook [whatever you call it] that you are carrying. Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting your very favorite one or that cute little vintage clutch that you carried the last time you went out...I want to see the purse that you carried today!

2. Tell us how much it cost. Oh my, I know what you are thinking - a proper lady would never discuss matters of money, darling. Well, yes, but today we are gonna break that rule and tell. Yes, tell how much it cost. We won't judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it.
This is my current handbag, I got it for my birthday last year, and it was around £40 from John Lewis.
Here's what I have in it... From left to right ...Sunglasses from Next with the case Passport Purse E.L.F blotting paper sheets House key and robot key …

How I store my jewelry

I just wanted to share with you a few tips and tricks I use to store my jewelry . This is where I keep most of it, on top of my chest of draws which is next to my make-up table. I have loads of bits and bobs here as well, a picture of me and my friends rollerblading in Paris, Flowers I made in Alevel art, button broach, things like that. Oh and a dead orchid I haven't moved yet :D In the little black and silver box I have all my elastic bead bracelets which I used to wear when I was younger, haven't really worn them recently.
I keep all my rings in this heart tin.

My chain necklaces are hung in this mini wardrobe, this came with cooking things in it but its the perfect height for the chains. I screwed rows or hooks in the bottom of the shelf to hang them from. On the shelf I have the little bags the necklaces came in and a few phone charms. In the altoids tins I have some pendants which I don't really wear that often.

This green box has a little frame on the top which I have a …

make-up storage

I've finally painted my ikea box after having it put together for a week or so. My room is mostly pink, as you can see from the photo below. I have one wall covered with lilly wallpaper but have a few things painted lilac and blue. It sounds like a lot of colours in one room but my bedroom is pretty big and there is only a small amount of each colour (apart from the pink).

I had a lot of blue paint left from painting my mirror so I decided to use that up aswell as a cream sample pot I had in the shed and I think its worked out quite nicely. It took a few coats as the wood soaked up the paint so quickly but it was really sunny out so dried super fast.
I really want to buy a mirror and lean it against the wall behind the boxes so I don't have to use a tiny mirror but I haven't come across one that I really like yet.
This used to be my old school desk but I never used it for homework, I always took up the front room or dining room table. To jazz up the plain pine wood I cov…