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I'm off to Belfast tomorrow until monday with a few friends for a girly holiday so I wont be posting anything while I'm away. I've got a few hauls to post and about my trip to do when I get back.

My silver spoon ring

My silver spoon ring came today!! I absolutly love it! I was abit concerned about it fitting as I want to wear it on my thumb and I have quite chubby fingers but it fits as if it was made especially for me. It was shipped very quickly even though ragtrader is an american trader and I live in the UK. Everyone go check out her shop, she has some gorgeous items for sale ragtrader

Busy busy busy

I have a tiny strawberry plant in the garden which produces around 3 strawberries a year but all get each by either birds, snails or slugs. Every year Im always excited to eat the strawberries as I've been watching them slowly grow but never learn to eat them before the animals get them. So this year as soon as I saw a strawberry growing I took the plant pot and put it by the window in my front room and look what grew! This is the first strawberry and it was huge, I ate it today and it was perfect. Theres 3 others growing at the moment and I can't wait to eat them.

My brother asked me and my mum to make this cake for his birthday tomorrow, we said yes and immediatly regretted it when looking at the recipe. It is a chocolate and caramel baked cheesecake and all the measurmeants where in cups (american) so that was a struggle to convert. Mark wanted the perfect biscuit for the crumb layer at the bottom and sides and the nearest buscuit we found were oreos so I was given the tas…

Another order from Etsy

I have found so many items on Etsy that I have fallen in love with immediatly, this necklace being one of them. This is from BRadleyBB's store. "A cinnamon speckled acorn with special golden cap! All the squirrels with be green with envy!" This will be perfect for spring and will go with any colour. There are so many different types of acorn jewellery, I may have to have another look and order some more, I love them so much
I've just looked through all the acron necklaces available on Etsy, I've bought the cheapest at $9 with only $3 shipping to the UK. And most of all I've actually bought the nicest one!!