31 December 2009

Review: Lush Satsumo Santa bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “Santa's back again this year, but he's changed slightly. He's put on a little extra weight and found himself a new fragrance. Gone are the days of the rich chocolate scents; now, he's a seasonal citrus Santa and he's full to bursting with reviving mandarin and bergamot oils. Chuck him into a hot bath and watch him explode with red colour and the aroma of fresh Satsuma's will have you nostalgic for the stocking filler. He'll gently tone your skin and kick your mind back into gear when you're feeling lethargic from the short days and long nights.”
What I think: This is one of their really cute bath products, I really didn’t want to use it but I’m glad I did :) I don’t really buy that many citrus bath products for some reason, so I was glad to get this one. I really liked using it in the morning as the citrus scents where really revitalising and refreshing. This is one of their faster dissolving ballistics, it was gone within 5 seconds and turned my water a bright orange.
Price: £2.75
Re-buy? I would if it wasn’t limited, are there any other citrus ballistics or bubble bars that you know about? I don’t think I’ve come across any yet

30 December 2009

Review: Lush Snow Fairy shower gel as bubble bath

Lush describes this as “Sparkly, pink, sweet-as-sugar shower gel for fruity, fluffy fairies. The Snow Fairy flies in from the bottom of the garden, all pink, sparkly and candy-scented. We had imagined that it would be popular with girls and lovers of our fluffiest fragrances, but we never believed it would be so popular with grown men, too. Use it to wash your hair and body after a ballet lesson, gymnastics class or even a football match.”
What I think: I always use shower gels for bubble baths, they do the same job so why not? I thought this would be no different but I was wrong. I poured the amount I would normally use into running water and only a few bubbles formed which was really disappointing. I might try adding more in next time to see if that makes a difference but if it doesn’t I guess I’ll just have to use it as shower gel which means it’ll last me even longer! On to the smell, this is one you should really smell before buying if your not a big fan on sickly sweet smells. If you do like them, go a head and buy lots of bottles of this! It may not have created any bubbles but it was great for adding a scent to the water, kind of like a ballistic does. The scent is very strong and I smelt of bubblegum all day long :)
Price: 100ml £2.95, 250ml £5.95, 500ml £9.95
Re-buy? I got the 500ml bottle which is huge and will last me aaaages! I think I might be a bit sick of the smell by the end of the bottle so it’s a good thing it only comes out at Christmas.

29 December 2009

Review: Lush Cinders bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “Fizz, crackle and pop! A spicy, soda scented Ballistic that crackles like a roaring fire. Cinders is a Ballistic with a bit of fire. Cinnamon leaf oil warms the skin, so it's perfect to warm you up if you've been shopping in the cold, and sweet orange oil will put a spring back in your step when you're lagging. Coarse sea salt brings beneficial minerals to the mix and cleanses, while almond oil will smooth rough and dry skin. And Cinders has a secret weapon to liven up your bath-time fun: it's decorated with popping candy, which will crackle in your bath like burning embers.”
What I think: Mine didn’t have a lot of popping candy on the top but it did  have a lot on the inside, not that it made a lot of difference. I couldn’t hear it pop at all, maybe if I stuck my head under the water I could have not I obviously didn’t want to do that. Despite it being one of their smaller ballistics it took quite a while to fizz away. It turns your bath water bright yellow but can leave a yellow circle so make sure you wash your bath out after using it so it doesn’t stain. Lush describes the smell perfectly, they seem to be a fan of spices and cinnamon this year.
Price: £1.86
Re-buy? Maybe not, the only thing which stood out to me was the popping candy but that had no effect so it’s just a plain bath ballistic

28 December 2009

Review: Lush Christmas Party bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “There's enough good cheer in this Christmas cocktail of a party Ballistic to last you a whole evening. We scent it with revitalizing orange and lime to get the party started, then add cognac essential oil for a bit of festive spirit. You'll find that it's intoxicatingly encouraging. It seems to dissolve away all your inhibitions. Bathe with a star-filled Christmas Party Ballistic before you head off to your big bash; or when you're all partied out, revive yourself with one of these and stay at home instead.”
What I think: The label for this actually says that it smells like Bucks Fizz and when it is dissolved in the bath it actually does! Which is kind of odd. This ballistic is full of stars which I love when I’m in the bath but not when I get out. I think if I turned up to  a party covered in the stars I’d be getting a few strange looks from my friends :D This is one of their faster fizzing ballistics and disappears within a matter of seconds leaving you water slightly orange. 
Price: £2.80
Re-buy? I’m not so keen on the smell and I’ve had the same style of ballistic before but with a better smell so no, I wouldn’t

Review: Lush Star Melt

“Melt into a bath of sugar sweetness. This festive Luxury Bath Melt smells just like our best-selling Snow Fairy. As it melts in the hot water, the shea and cocoa butters create a skin softening blend, while the icing sugar makes the water creamy and soothing. It's the icing on the cake for all snow fairies and mortals who seek fairy magic and lovely pink water.”
What I think: I didn’t put this into running water like the label says as it was a last minute decision to use it, I couldn’t choose which goodie to use. Instead I just let it melt into the water, I thought it would float about and slowly dissolve. How wrong was I? It was beginning to melt in my hand as I took it out the bag, it sunk to the bottom and immediately melted into a blob and stuck to the bottom of the bath! This was easily fixed by swishing my hand in the water and mixing it up. My bath water then turned a gorgeous bubble gum pink with an oil layer on the top for that moisturising goodness!  My skin felt so soft in the bath and even softer when I got out, amazing. It has the famous snow fairy scent but less in your face than the shower gel, the melt still has a strong smell but not
Price: £2.45
Re-buy? Yes, I wish I had gotten a few more of these but hopefully they will be back next year

27 December 2009

Review: Lush French Kiss bubble bar

It looks hot pink and light pink on their website but it is actually purple and white and sadly I didn’t get a sprig of lavender in mine! :(
Lush describes this as “Perfumes from Provence: inspiration from a Parisian patisserie. A French Kiss gives you a relaxed but alert feeling that lasts all day. We're talking about our Bubble Bar, so keep your minds clean! The Lush French Kiss is a calming and reviving lavender, rosemary and thyme bath, with essential oils from sun-soaked Provence. It's even topped with a sprig of lavender flowers. Relax in its purple waters and soak up all its benefits.”
What I think – The shape reminds me of Hershey's kisses which I love :) When you smell the bar the scent is over whelming and the strength lasts while your in the bath too. Not a lot of products are like this so big thumbs up! If you don’t like the smell of lavender I’d stay away from this though. Lavender reminds of spring time so I’ll probably be buying a couple in March. As far as bubbles go I’d say this was one of the best, so far it is the one to create the most and biggest bubbles. I used roughly 1/3 which gave the water slightly purple which would obviously increase if you used more of the bar. I wouldn’t say it was particularly moisturising though which is it’s only downside.
Price: £3.76 – Not a bad price as I will probably be able to get 3/4 baths out of it.
Re-purchase? definitely.

Review: Lush Want To Believe luxury bath melt

Lush describes this as “Is it coal? Is it candy? No, it's a refreshing Luxury Bath Melt to restore your faith in Yuletide. You'll want to believe in this miraculous melt and you'll find your faith justly rewarded. Fennel oil will refresh your mind, starflower oil and soya milk will soften your skin, and charcoal will gently cleanse.”
What I think: This has one of the strangest smells that I certainly wouldn’t head towards in a shop. It really looks like coal, doesn’t smell like it, but if you found a couple of these in your stocking you wouldn’t be so happy at first!! I have no idea how to describe its scent so all I’m going to say is smell it first before you buy, I’d say the majority of people would put it down straight away. Anyway, it’s a bath melt so it doesn’t create and bubbles or anything. It melts in your bath slowly leaving your water moisturising and relaxing, supposedly. After a while I started sneezing as the scent is so strong. As it melts it leaves a trail of glitter and oil and only turns your water slightly grey despite the colour. I think I’m going to get about 3 baths out of this melt which is average.
Price: £2.75
Re-buy? If they brought this out again next year I wouldn’t buy it again.

26 December 2009

A few of my Christmas presents from my lovely family ♥

I had a great Christmas with my family and I hope you all did too :) I haven’t got any photos, we’re not  really a photography family even though I love taking photos. I think we are too busy opening presents and cooking lunch so we forget. The rest of my family are coming up tomorrow so maybe they’ll take some photos.
So the past few days I’ve been opening presents, eating way too much lovely food, watching House (one of my dads presents from my brother), taking Lush baths with all my new goodies, playing board games, going for walks in the park and having an all round good times!
Here’s a few of my presents I thought I’d like to show you.
I’ve wanted one of these snake bracelets for so long and finally got one for Christmas. I love the tackiness of it with all the rhinestones and it fits perfectly on my wrist.

I love necklaces and always have one on, I tend to go for delicate chains with a pendant so this on mixes it up a bit and is different to my others. It is short so the same length as my others but the chain is really chunky and has a scroll like pendant which reads “you only live once but if you live right once is enough”



I love these types of bracelets and have a few different sorts in a variety of colours. The top one is a good luck charm on a purple cord and the bottom is a silver heart on a light blue cord. I love to wear loads of these in a friendship bracelet sort of way so I’m going to buy some more different charms and colours.
Here’s my box full of the Lush Christmas range, I’d already used/cut up some of the products but you get the idea :) My mum and dad wrapped each one individually so I was there for like an hour unwrapping them all!

My brother gave me a jar of the original Fluff the other day so when my mum found this she bought it straight away. I love the stuff but this raspberry one tastes like Lush creamy candy bubble bar which is so weird, despite this I’m still eating it! I guess it goes with the fact I love parma violets even though they taste like soap.

Me and my mum finally found a shop which sells Yankee Candles so she got me a mini jar of Island spa which smells like one of Lush’s products.

Probably the present I was most looking forward to getting is China Glaze “For Audrey” which is the colour of the Tiffany boxes. This photo doesn’t show the exact colour, it’s more green. I will be doing a NOTD post soon so I’ll take the photo in natural light to show the true colour.

I got my laptop the other month and my brother knew how much I love it so he got me a desktop Henry hoover and goo which cleans the keyboard, both of which I’ve nagged my parents to buy but never have. I was SO excited when I opened both of them.

As my parents know how much I love Twilight and already have a lot of the memorabilia. They got me this journal set, one for each book which have quotes and photos.. The best thing about this set is the tin! I love it and think I’m going to use it for my bracelets.

Obviously not much make-up but I've bought so much recently there was other things I wanted more.

Review: Lush Wee Harry bath melt

So this is the second review of the Lush products I got for Christmas. Beware for the next how ever many days it takes I am going to overload you with Lush Christmas reviews :D

Lush describes this as “Elf and safety warming! A spicy Bubble Bar inspired by spicy Scandinavian drinks. (And elves.) Davana oil has a warm citrus scent and is soothing for the skin, so soaking in this cocktail of kola-scented brew will help to calm irritations. The tonka and vanilla absolutes add a sweet note to the bubbles and will leave your skin fragrant after your bath. Wee Harry works his magic to make your bath water as red as he is and your bubbles as white as his innocent little face. Have a bubble bath with Wee Harry and toast to good elf.”
What I think: This bubble bar seems to have so many names! On the website it’s called Wee Harry but on my label it says Pere Noel (father Christmas) and I’ve seen other people call it no name elf. I’ve cut this into 3 chunks but one is larger than the others so it could have been 4. About the average number of baths you can get out of Lush’s bubble bars. Hmm despite their description I can only smell cinnamon and it’s quite strong. No sign of any kola-scented brew in there. The eyes are chocolate chips which I think just kind of melted into my water. It turned my bath reddy/orange and is really moisturising with lots of fabulous bubbles!
Price: £2.95
Re-buy? I think it’s good for once a year but the cinnamon is a bit too strong for me to use regularly.

25 December 2009

Review: Lush Ma Bar bubble bar

This bubble bar along with creamy candy are the ones I buy over and over as I love them.
Lush describes this as “Spoil yourself with a chocolate-toffee bar. The Lush Ma Bar is a Bubble Bar of two halves: cocoa and honey toffee. In the centre, there's a lump of brown sugar, which melts in the bath water. It originally appeared for Mother's Day, but although it was due to be a limited-edition, and the Lush kitchens were supposed to stop making them, no-one wanted to stop buying. Anyway, it's a lovely little present to give your Ma all year round, to show that you appreciate her on more than just one day a year. While it does smell good enough to eat, you really shouldn't try”
What I think – Once you use this the thing that may put you off is the colour your bath water turns. It looks like you’ve been covered in mud and got in the bath. I can look over this though as I love the smell of it. The brown side has a hint of chocolate and the white/cream side smells a bit like Honey I washed the kids soap. It creates great bubbles like all the other bars and you only need a small amount. I’m going to be able to get 3 baths out of it.
Price - £2.36, one of the cheapest bubble bars so you can’t really go wrong!
Re-buy? I always do :)

Merry Christmas to you all :D

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I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, get the presents you wanted and ate lots of food!

This is what I’ve been living off for the past week :D I love them!

Hot chocolate + Candy cane + Squirty cream = heaven!

And is what I’m currently drinking whilst writing this.

I have a few posts scheduled for the next few days but posts should be back to normal after New Year.

Merry Christmas!



24 December 2009

Review: Lush Christmas Eve bubble bar

Beware, tomorrow one of my presents is the entire Lush Christmas range apart from one or two items. I won’t over load you with them, maybe one every other day as I want you to be able to read them whilst you can still buy the range. Or should I just do a post each day? That way you will definitely be able to buy them? Let me know in the comments :)

My parents gave me this bubble bar early as it doesn’t seem right not to use it on Christmas Eve. So at 00.32 I took a bath using it :)
Lush describes this as “Escape from seasonal stresses with a soothing, deep blue, floral bubble bath. Irish moss powder forms a soothing, softening gel in the beautifully blue water; the floral and sensual scents of jasmine and ylang ylang are relaxing, and the oils are good for caring for sensitive skins. On the night before Christmas, all through your house, if everybody is stirring and making you grouse, run yourself a Christmas Eve bubble bath and watch your troubles to float away”
What I think: This bubble bar is quite big, I’ve managed to cut it up into four really good sized chunks. It also crumbled into the water really well, sometimes it takes ages to mash all the lumps up. Makes great bubbles like all their bars do but it also turned my water into a lovely sea green colour. The smell reminds me of a soap making kit I had when I was younger. It has a really strong floral scent just as Lush describes it has, absolutely lovely. I’m not really that into floral bath products but this is strong but not over-powering. I wouldn’t say it was particularly moisturising though which is it’s only down side.
Price: £2.50
Re-buy? I would if it wasn’t limited edition, hopefully it’ll come back next year!

23 December 2009

Review: Lush Vanilla Fountain bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “When Mo brings a new Bath Ballistic to a Lush creative team meeting, she gets a bowl full of warm water, drops it in, then hands it around the room for everyone to smell. With the Vanilla Fountain, no-one wanted to let go of the bowl and pass it on. Simon Constantine made the comforting vanilla scent with natural vanilla absolute - the posh stuff made from vanilla pods - with a touch of restful sandalwood and a note of burnt caramel. It was inspired by the extraordinary desserts at Heston Blumental's amazing restaurant”
What I think – I wasn’t sure what I would think of this bath ballistic when I ordered it. I do like the smell of vanilla but not when it is over whelming. When I got it out the box I loved it straight away, it has a sweet vanilla smell the scent lasted for a long time on my skin afterwards. It is one of the ones which fizz really quickly and is gone within a matter of seconds! There where vanilla seeds floating around in the bath but I’m not sure if they where from the vanilla pod or the bath ballistic itself. Once the ballistic had dissolved the pod was left floating around the tub which looked a bit odd, it looked like a leach or something. Not so pleasant but is easily solved by taking it out the water :) When in the bath the water was a lemon yellow colour but when out of the water it looked green which was a bit strange.
Price - £2.94, average price of a Lush ballistic
Re-buy? In the future I will, I want to try their other products first though.

21 December 2009

Review: Lush Ickle Baby Devil bath ballistic

I’ve had the ickle baby angel bath ballistic a few times so though it was time to try the devil version.
Lush describes this as “Our Ickle Baby Ballistics have two sides. One is an Ickle Angel; one is an Ickle Devil. The latter is a red little devil. But despite her wicked ways, she soothes and calms with chamomile, lavender and sandalwood essential oils. Perfect for well-behaved little 'uns that need a good, restful night's sleep.”
What I think – This is one of the cutest bath ballistics ever! Apart from the baby angel one of course. It is tiny so will only really be on baths worth. If you split it into two I’m not sure how good it would be but it could work I guess. I can smell the lavender in it, there is also a hint of sweetness in there somewhere. A really soothing bath ballistic, perfect for when you can sleep :) i.e myself right now! This is one of their floating ballistics and disappears pretty quickly leaving your bath water with a hint of pink. If your looking for a ballistic that does everything, this isn’t it. You get a cute ballistic and a nice subtle scent, good for those with sensitive skin.
Price - £1.35, could be seen as expensive as it is tiny but oh so cute!
Re-buy? Maybe not at the moment, but in the future perhaps.

20 December 2009

Ikea Ikea Ikea & bits from my bedroom

I’m trying a new layout for my photos today. I always manage to write a lot and my posts seem huge so maybe this will make them appear smaller when they’re really not :)
I love going to Ikea to buy things to put in my room. All my furniture bar two things and a lot of my decorations are from Ikea. I went the other week to buy a new bedside table, photo frame, fairy lights and another wooden box thing to paint for my sewing kit.
It’s a fact that when you go to Ikea you will always come out with extras you didn’t plan on buying. If you don’t you’re just odd :p I managed to get a toy rat as one of my brothers Christmas presents. He’s just got a pet rat which he absolutely adores so this is just a cute little extra.

My favourite animal is a monkey and when I saw this photograph at Leeds festival a few years ago I bought it straight away. I had it in a frame for a while but then I went to New York and bought a photograph of the skyline which suited that frame more. I’ve found it really hard to get a nice square frame for this adorable photo and I didn’t know what colour to get either. Whilst in Ikea I settled with this one as it matches the 5 other photo frames I have on that wall. I think it looks perfect especially with my fairy lights (also from Ikea) wrapped round it. The little brown tag has a gold outline drawing of Pinocchio I bought at an art show. 

Excuse my un-made bed, the sheets where in the wash. I originally had a different bedside table in mind but then I saw this one that matches my bookshelf so went for this one instead. I originally used a cupboard as my bedside table but then I switched my room up and couldn’t find a good place for it so I got a new one. This one is much smaller but everything fits perfectly. My alarm clock is tucked away behind the photo frame out of view but at a perfect angle where I can see it from my bed. Let’s see how many things from Ikea we can spot in this one photo. Bedside table? check, lamp? check, glass? check, photo frame? check, stickers on the door? check, two photo frames in the corner? check. I told you!

The top two shelves are a bit bare at the moment, I’ve got my Interview magazine and Entertainment weekly magazines on the top shelf with a tub of fish food on the second. The bottom shelf contains all my face and body products. I really like having them in here as I just had too much to put on my dressing table.

On top of my bedside table I have my lamp which has a pull down on/off switch which I love. For any Twilight geeks out there this is one of Bella’s lamps in her bedroom. As much of a Twilight geeks that I am I bought this lamp like 3 years ago so technically they copied off me :p I have two roses which were originally bobbles, a mini surf board from a friendship bracelet from Cornwall, two hand-made birds, a shrinkie from a friend, a hard rock cafe plectrum and a photo of me and two old friends when we were younger. I also have a pink glass which is just out of the shot.

I love these two little birds! I am slowly building my own art collection and have seven pieces which I’ve bought so far. A few of them are in these photos which I’ll point out. These two birds are hand-made by my mums friend, Gemma, who she met whilst doing an art degree at Liverpool Hope uni. Each one she makes has its own personality, they are so cute! She mainly specialises in wire and ceramics making these little bird figures, nests and jewellery which I also have a few pieces of.

I love my bedroom, it is my favourite room in the house. It is my space and the only room where I can have all the say on how it is decorated. Let’s just say me and my mum have totally different tastes when it comes to interior design! Even though we did manage to agree on the downstairs toilet!IMG_1055
I think what really makes a room personal is all the little extras that are in it. This little shelf is one of my favourite areas. I’ve got one of my pieces of art which I bought at an auction, I have another one which is beside my TV, a little Japanese doll, giant “diamond”, kt letters, mini Chanel perfume bottle, cupcake tile, ceramic gift tag, candle, vintage scissors, a pink glass, post card and a really old sleeping princess book.

IMG_1057 IMG_1059
I found the Chanel perfume bottle in a frock me event in London for £1. God knows how old it is but it still smells of the perfume. It’s so cute and looks gorgeous against my letters. My cousin was very jealous that I found it, it was hidden in a pile of junk. She did find a watch I liked so we were even :)

Here is the other piece of art that I bought. These two pieces are probably not what you’d expect me to go for but I liked the contrast between the frame and the art. The frames are quite traditional and girly where as the prints would be at home on a boys bedroom wall but I love them.

There’s still more of my bedroom left to photograph so I think I’ll save that for another post :)

19 December 2009

Review: Lush Bathos bubble bar

Lush describes this as “Violets and ylang ylang to share.
Bathos is our violet-scented Bubble Bar with violet leaf essential oil. It's for people who love violets, obviously. Single violets were thought to bring bad luck, so Bathos definitely brings good luck. Violet leaf essential oil is very relaxing; it helps you to forget your worries and appreciate your loved ones. We also add sensual jasmine absolute and ylang ylang, so it's perfect for sharing with, if you're so inclined”
What I think – I chose this one as I saw in one of the reviews someone describing it like parma violets which I absolutely adore! The bar smells slightly of parma violets  but I can’t really pin point what it reminds me of. Despite it being purple it didn’t turn my water purple, I used 1/3 of it which gives it a slight tinge of colour but very subtle and hardly noticeable which is a bit disappointing, It does make really good bubbles though.
Price - £2.41
Re-buy? Not for a while I don’t think

28 November 2009

A Little Trip To Borders

As some of you may know it looks like Borders is going to close :( I’m really sad, first Woolies last year and now Borders. I loved having a woolies at the bottom of my road as it was so easy to nip in to get a chocolate bar or a drink. Now I have to pay £3 and get the bus to my nearest Asda/Tesco. Me and my family always go after the New Year to Borders to get that years calendars cheap. It was kind of like a family tradition but now we won’t be able too
My dad took the day off work today due to toothache and my mum wasn’t busy we decided to take a trip and maybe make our last ever purchases from borders! We also had a gift voucher with quite a bit of money on to spend before it closes. Just got a few bits like Christmas/birthday cards, wrapping paper and a few presents.
IMG_1036 On my way in I noticed the magazine shelves looking extremely bare! I’d say there was only about 10% of their magazine stock out on the shelves. A quite look round and I spotted entertainment weekly with the Twilight trio. Being the Twilight geek that I am I had to buy it a long with a Starbucks dark cherry mocha which was lovely! And in their famous Christmas red cups ♥
This was actually one of their more interesting and funny interviews that I’ve read. It was really informal, not interview like at all. It was just like a bunch of friends talking normally.
If anyone wants me to scan the interview and post it I’m happy to, just comment below :)

This is also my 100th post :) can't beleive I've written that many! It's crazy!

25 November 2009

Review: Lush You’ve Been mangoed

Cheery, fruity mango butter melt.
You've Been Mangoed is our bright and breezy Luxury Bath Melt with nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it's just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day. Its fruity scent comes from skin toning lemon and lime essential oils with a drop or two of invigorating lemongrass to get things going when they've ground to a halt. Mango yourself morning, noon and night, whenever you choose to get out of bed”
Once again I split this into two but I probably could of got three uses out of it as the bar was still melting all the time I was in the bath. It didn’t turn my bath orange but slightly cloudy with a few bubbles. Once again it was a really moisturising bath melt and one that I’d definitely be buying again. At £2.71 I think it should be a bit cheaper but still worth it.

Review: Lush Floating Island luxury bath melt

“Slow-melting, sandalwood and lemon luxury.
Technically, islands don't float, but let's not split hairs. Our Floating Island is a vanilla scented melt with a touch of reviving lemon. It floats in your bath, gradually dissolving, softening the water and smoothing your skin. It's a wonderful treat for a weekend bath, when you can stay in there as long as you like.”
I split this bath melt into two as I always do with my Lush products. While the bath was filling up I dropped the bath melt and left it to float about. A few bubbles appeared but quickly disappeared, don’t know why I was expecting bubbles? It isn’t a bubble bar. Anyway it turned by bath slightly milky/creamy which would be more intense if you used it whole. The scent is just as Lush describes it, it really reminds me of something but I still can’t put my finger to it! It is a really moisturising bath melt too. I think £3.25 is quite a reasonable price as I can get two uses out of it.
Definitely one I will be repurchasing :)

24 November 2009

Review: Lush Think Pink bath bomb

Once again I’m a bit confused with the sizing and price of this bath bomb. The one I used was the smaller sized bath bomb but the website price is £3.20 therefore suggesting its normal size! Maybe they made small bath bombs to go in the goodie bags? Not sure so don’t quote me on sizing and prices.
“Lavender, tonka bean and vanilla for endless fun and welcome refreshment. The Think Pink Ballistic is perfumed with Mark's new favourite fragrance, tonka bean absolute, which smells rather like vanilla's tough sister. It's the kind of fragrance which leads you astray before you even notice you've wandered off the path. The Think Pink is very pink, but not in a fluffy way. There's sweet vanilla in there, deliciously intoxicating neroli oil and lavender to make sure we keep our heads while we're bathing sophisticated surfeit of pinkness”
I’ve had this one before and still love it!  Sadly the little iced flowers melted straight away but the other flower floated about for a bit longer! Turned my bath a lovely shade of pink but once again no bubbles or froth.
In the reviews people say that when it fizzes confetti hearts are released which didn’t happen to mine. Maybe because it was a mini version? A bit disappointed, they could have stuck a few tiny hearts in there :(
Buy again? Maybe not straight away, a few years ago I always bought this one so maybe I’ll try a few more of the newer ones first before re-buying.

Review: Lush Avobath bath bomb

Lush’s description: For liveliness and softer skin.
If you're the sort who prefers to stay in bed and can't get up until midday, Avobath is what you need to get you moving in the morning. It's an amazingly refreshing Ballistic with stimulating lemongrass to revive a sleepy brain. There's bergamot to raising the spirits, freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to moisturize your skin. If you absolutely have to get up early, use one of these.
So far, out of all the bath bombs I’ve tried recently and reviewed this is the only one where I didn’t feel moisturised which is a bit disappointing if you read their description before hand. 
As always I’m not very good with describing scents but Lush’s descriptions always seem spot on :) This has a very strong scent which is lovely and sticks to your skin all day!
It turned my bath green but with no bubbles or froth. Their was a slight shimmer to it if you looked very closely to the water but it didn’t stick to your skin.
The one I used is smaller than the usual bath bombs so I used it whole unlike the larger ones where I split them in two. I’m not sure how much mine would cost as I got it free in a goodie bag but on the website it is £2.81. It is roughly the same price as the larger bath bombs on the website so I’m confused as to whether it is expensive or you can actually buy them larger than what I used. If that makes any sense??
As far as recommending this to you I definitely would but only if it is the larger sized bath bomb  your buying, if it’s the smaller one then no as it’s not worth it. Hope that makes sense again! haha

21 November 2009

Review: Lush So White bath bomb

This bath bomb was part of the goodie bag I got when I spent £15 the other day.
It really does smell like apples! Kind of like apple sours or apple cider and I can still smell it on my skin a few hours later.
The past few products I’ve used from Lush have been really moisturising but this one beats them all! For me, I use bath bombs for the interesting baths and the scents but this is so much more!
Lush describes this as leaving a snow fall in your bath and it does exactly that. You wont get any bubbles from this and it won’t turn your water an amazing colour but it’s still as good as any other. This bath bomb lasted so long in my bath too! I’d say it took a good 10 minutes for it to totally disappear which is amazing!
I’ve got a few more of these so I don’t need to repurchase but if I did I definitely would.

Review: Lush Mmmelting marshmallow luxury bath melt

This is another one of the items I bought the other day. I got 4 bath melts as I haven’t had them for years so thought I’d try these ones I haven’t used before.
This is really sickly sweet which I love but others may not. I think it smells like another bubble bar, the pink one with the flower on? I can’t remember but I love it!
I only used half so my bath only turned slightly pink but the scent was still strong enough and I can still smell it on my skin a few hours later.
It didn’t really create that many bubbles but maybe because I only used half? It did moisturise my skin leaving it lovely and soft as it contains cocoa butter :)
Once again I recomend this to everyone! But you may want to smell it first if you’re not so keen on the sickly sweet smelling products.
I’ve used Lush for so many years now I really don’t think I’ve found a single product I haven’t liked! That’s saying a lot about a brand.

20 November 2009

Not very happy!

I was in Asda buying the  weekly shop where I bought some spot treatments as I have a really nasty one on my chin and they all seemed to be on special offer. I decided to try the Clean & clear one as it says it reduces spots within 4 hours. I went to put a second layer on when the packet exploded! It went all over my laptop and duvet!
So now I have  wasted product from the explosion, an open tube an no where to put the remaining product. I looked on the clean & clear website but couldn’t find an email address to write to them.  Hmm guess I’ll try one of the other treatments I bought. Nice waste of a product :(
*Update: Good news! I got an email from Johnson & Johnson today and they said to send back the original and they’ll send out a new one for me :) *

15 November 2009

A bunch of packages

I had a bit of money that I had saved left over so I made a few well deserved orders. I’ve finished two project 10 pans and I haven’t bought anything to replace or celebrate finishing those items. I made sure I only bought things I needed or didn’t have.
First off was replacing all the mascaras I’d finished. I’m currently using Benefit’s Badgirl lashes and L'Oreal Telescopic, both of which I’d say I’m half way through them. I like to have back-ups as I wear mascara on a daily basis even if I don’t wear any other make-up, it’s also sometimes hard to tell when your mascara will finish or go bad. I’ve wanted to try Eyeko’s mascara for quite a while now especially after watching Gemma’s review video on it. I ordered the original along with the new Magic mascara.
I ordered off the site as I’m not sure my Superdrug stocks Eyeko and since they offer free delivery it saved me paying bus far. Delivery was fairly quick, I ordered Saturday afternoon and it arrived this Wednesday morning.
First impressions – I love the look of both tubes, really unique! The original mascara’s brush looks interesting, it’s got two spiral strips of bristles (that probably doesn’t make sense but it does in my head :) ), one set longer than the other. The magic mascara’s brush is much bigger, one end is smaller than the other for the inner and outer lashes which are always a bugger with larger brushes. The original costs £6 and the magic one costs £9.
I also used my ambassador code to receive a free gift. With my last order I received one of their face wipes which didn’t work well with my skin so I’m glad I didn’t get one of them again. Instead I got the Rosy pink lip gloss in the little tin which has a really cute label. I really don’t like this gloss, it smells a bit odd and I really can’t place it. I think it smells like the baby all gooen food if anyone remembers them? Not a pleasant smell to me anyway. The lid is also really hard to get off and doesn’t close properly. I’d expect a bit more from a product that cost’s £4 even if I didn’t pay for it. After one use I’m definitely not using it again, it was horrible! I don’t think I could even put it up for swap on MUA it’s that bad!
I also won a giveaway hosted by Lauren Loves… where she collaborated with ASOS for this giveaway. The prize I was sent was Benefit’s Powderazzi which is a  powder trio. This is my first blusher/bronzer from Benefit so I’m really excited to try them out properly.
IMG_1011 The three powders you get are Coralista which is a blush, Hoola which is a bronzer and Dallas which gives you a nice glow. I thought Coralista was going to be a much more vibrant colour but it’s actually really wearable. The slight peach tones in it will really compliment my skin tone and hair colour. I’m always a bit wary of bronzers, as I’m so pale I’m always conscious my skin will look dirty. Blended in well I don’t think I’ll have this problem with Hoola, I also love the fact it’s matte. From a quick swatch Dallas looks like a mix between the other two and is really pretty.  I love the little brush that comes with it, obviously too small for a good application but it looks cute in the box. Like all other Benefit products, the powders are presented in a gorgeous box, small enough to fit in your handbag for on the go touch ups. Overall it looks to be a really good product, it’s great for me as it gives me a chance to test out the powders before purchasing the full sizes.
IMG_1014 I also received one of the limited edition Vintage Bourjois eye shadows. The colour is 08 Beige Rose, this is the perfect colour for me, one that I can wear everyday or combined with other shadows. I’d say its a champagne colour. I adore all things Parisian and the little design on the lid is gorgeous. I definitely want to buy the other vintage eye shadows and build a little collection. They’re really pigmented and are a reasonable price.
I really wanted a grey nail varnish but the only one I have is shimmery which I didn’t want. I liked the look of Barry M’s grey nail paint and at £3 I couldn’t go wrong. It seemed stupid to pay the postage for one item so I bought a lip gloss tube as well, I chose 04.
In one of the emails from ASOS was a £5 off orders for £20 and over. As I was really impressed by the tights I got earlier so I ordered two more pairs a long with one of the ASOS nail paints by Ciate. I got Pixie as it looks like it’ll be that lovely Tiffany green colour which makes me happy :) I’m tempted by the Katy nail paint they’ve just brought out but I don’t like the colour. To make my order £20 I bought the black Barry M nail paint as I love black nails but don’t own a polish.
As you can see it’s so much darker than the Tiffany blue and more green. I emailed ASOS to see if I could send it back and get a refund but they said I’d only get £1 back as I used a code. I may try it out to see if I like Ciate but it’s just not a colour I’d wear. 
IMG_1017 I have this nail paint on today and I love it just as much as the grey!
Hmm this post was kind of long! All my parcels seemed to arrive at the same time! After I’ve used all these products a fair few times I’ll be writing a review for each.
As I bought quite a lot over the weekend I’m going to start a new project 10 pan, I really do love doing these :)
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