07 February 2016

Lifestyle Favourites 006

lifestyle-favourites-006-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 30 days of yoga with Adriene // I have never really been a fan of exercising. Although I enjoyed netball, rounders and trampolining in school, once I left I pretty much stopped. There was a few months that I enjoyed going for walks, but that's as close to finding something I liked since school. Enter thirty yoga videos from Adrienne and I think I have finally found something I love. I like how I'm still getting exercise into my routine, but I find it relaxing as well. A quiet half hour or so of gentle, but effective exercise is the perfect way to start my day. Plus it's free! The thirty days of yoga videos are from this time last year but Adriene has just released Yoga Camp which is another set of thirty videos I will be working my through over the next month or so.

Amazon Fire TV Stick // Having subscribed to Netflix for a couple of years, I decided to up my TV and film watching game and order the Amazon Fire Stick. For a one off payment of £34.99 you can catch up with BBC Iplayer and 5 On Demand, watch YouTube videos and Netflix if you already have a subscription. I love being able to watch it all on the big TV in the front room rather than on my laptop and the free games on there are great too. The house has become obsessed with playing Crossy Road! I ordered it the day it was released so I think I only paid £30 and I'd really recommend it! I'm currently catching up with Pretty Little Liars and am nearing the end of Prison Break season 4.

The Most Beautiful Songs In The World by Spotify // This playlist contains quite a few singers and bands that I hadn't heard of before. There's also some old favourites mixed in as well like Bon Iver, Sigur Ros and Camera Obscura. The title of this playlist explains it all, it really is a collection of beautiful songs.

fortune cookies // Ocado is probably the worst place for me to food shop as I tend to add things to my order that I just do not need. This time is was fortune cookies!

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06 February 2016

Lush Valentines 2016

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar | £4.25 // I love the lavender scent of this bubble bar and it's the one I'm going to make sure I stock up on. I just find the scent so relaxing and helps to unwind before bed since I do struggle with sleep. The design has slightly changed from lasts years and I prefer the vibrancy of this years version. Plus the stars from last years design didn't add anything to the bubble bar so I don't mind that they're gone. I feel like the scent is much stronger and fills up the whole room as you crumble it under running water.

Prince Charming Shower Cream | £4.95 - £27.95 // This years Prince Charming is a shower cream although I still have a large bottle of the Shower Gel from Last years Valentines collection, I just had to buy a mini one. I've read reviews of the two formulas being compared and the consensus is that they're pretty much the same but I wanted to try it for myself. The main difference is the colour and this years is a much more vibrant pink which I prefer. The scent is pomegranate, grapefruit, marshmallow root and vanilla.

Roses All The Way Soap | £4.25 // I have to say I am slightly disappointed with this soap and had I smelt it and saw it in store, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Oh the perils of ordering online. The rose colour is only the top layer of this soap and the rest seems to be white so after a few uses I can see this not looking so pretty. Also I'm not a huge fan of the scent. I can slightly smell the rose but apart from that it just smells soapy to me and not in a good way. It's quite a soft soap so I think it'll be quite moisturising though.

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb | £3.95 // I have't tried the original Lava Lamp Bath Bomb, I'm hoping it's going to be available online soon, but I knew I just had to try this lovers version. The red harts are cocoa butter so this is going to be very moisturising. The scent reminds me of chocolate oranges with a hint of vanilla. This is quite a subtle one when it fizzes away in the water with the hearts floating in the water being the only thing to watch since the bath bomb itself is white. This also doesn't turn the bath water a nice colour, it would have been nice if it had a red or pink core to it.

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05 February 2016

Month In Photos | January 2016

month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 1 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 2 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 4 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 5 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 3 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 6 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 7 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 8 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 11 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 10 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 9 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 12 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 13 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 14 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 15 month-in-photos-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 16

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04 February 2016

Lush Kitchen | January 2016 Part One

For those who don't know, the Lush Kitchen cooks up small batches of exclusive products that are only available for a limited time until they sell out. The products available are a mix of Oxford Street exclusives, old favourites that have been discontinued or one off's. Since I've tried the majority of the Lush bath bombs and bubble bars that are in the permanent collection, I've been loving the Lush Kitchen recently and have been making quite an order pretty much every week. I'm mainly interested in the bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts and shower gels. Although there are a few products that I have bought simply because I've never tried them before.
lush-kitchen-january-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog Instead of posting several different shopping posts, I'm going to be writing a little overview of the previous months Kitchen products. Since there is a limited amount of each made, then by the time each one arrives in the post it'll probably be sold out. Instead I'm hoping this post will high light any products you'd like to try in the future or simply because you're just as obsessed with Lush as I am.
lush-kitchen-february2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 2
Happy 4 Sad Shower Gel | £10.50 // I never tried this shower gel when it was first released in 2004 to raise awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder. After reading a couple of reviews about it the when the menu was released I knew I wanted to try it. It's a citrusy shower gel that is a mix of neroli, grapefruit and mandarin and is the perfect thing to use in the mornings. I also think it would be a really nice one to take on holiday with you.

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb | £4.50 // This is one of the bath bombs that has only recently been discontinued and I still kick myself that I didn't stock up when the news broke. Although I do know that these don't store too well so maybe it's good that I didn't and instead can use a fresh one or three from the Kitchen. I'd forgotten just how good these smell after about a year of nothing using one. As you can see in the polaroid photo, this bath bomb starts out as a bright blue which then deepens to the purple you can see in the photo which is pretty cool.

Big Calm Shower Jelly | £8.25 // I just can't get over how amazing this shower jelly looks! It looks even better in person as well as you get the scent alongside it as well. It smells just like a piƱa coladas and almost good enough to drink. This has been brought out in the Kitchen a couple of times now I think but it's always sold out very quickly and I am pleased I finally own a tub.

Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb | £3.95 // If like me you love parma violets then you'll love the scent of this bath bomb. This is one of the few that I've actually tried before so I knew I liked it and wanted to buy one when it come out that week.

Ro's Argan Gourmet Soap | £7.50 // I watched the live feed of Dan and Simon making this soap since it was the one gourmet soap I knew I wanted to try. It was really interesting to see the soap being made but also hear the background stories of where the ingredients came from and the ideas behind them. The name gives it away, but this shares the same scent as Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner which is one of my favourites. I'm expecting this soap to be incredibly moisturising and I can't wait to use it.

Quinquireme Of Nineveh Soap | £4.25 // A plain looking soap that actually smells amazing. The scent reminds me of a coconut cocktail with a hint of vanilla.

Whitewash Smoothie | £9.75 // These shower smoothies are my favourite and I wish Lush sold more of them. Whitewash's scent is orange and mandarin and contains aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. This will be a good one to use in the summer or on holiday.
lush-kitchen-february2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 1
Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter | £6.75 // I wasn't going to order this as I've tried it before but then I was putting my order together and couldn't resist. I like these body butters from Lush as it means I don't have to apply body lotion as they're so moisturising. This one in particular is also a body scrub and is made up of ground almond shells.

Gumback Express Shower Smoothie | £12.95 // This is one of the Kitchen items that I'd never heard about before and I did a bit of reading up on it before deciding if I wanted to try it or not. The description of it smelling like banana ice cream was pretty much enough to persuade me to buy it. There's also almond shells mixed into it for a bit of exfoliation. The consistency is quite thin and watery which I was surprised about and might make it a little more difficult to use. I've seen someone on Instagram decant it into a bottle which she says makes it a lot easier to use so I think I'll be doing this as well.

Dream On Bath Bomb | £3.25 // As a huge fan of Dream Cream Body Lotion and Dream Wash Shower Smoothie I knew I had to try the bath bomb which shares the same scent. The Dream products really help to soothe my skin and eczema and I can't wait to use all three together. I was surprised at how small this bath bomb is though considering the price is the same as the larger bath bombs.

Happy Pill Bath Bomb | £3.75 // Another one I've had before and knew I wanted to try again. This bath bomb is giant but unfortunately mine didn't travel too well and has cracked in two. It'll still work fine but it just won't look as impressive in the water as it would have. The scent of this one is similar to the Happy 4 S.A.D Shower Gel and I think I'll use the two together.

Deep Sleep Shower Jelly | £7.95 // One of the menus during January was all about having a good nights sleep and it was one of my favourite weeks to date. I think I pretty much bought everything apart from two things. Deep Sleep was another one that I have wanted to try for a while but has sold out quickly when released each time. The scent is a mix of lavender, chamomile, neroli and orange.

Hot Milk? Bubble Bar | £3.95 // This bubble bar is described as soaking in a bath of hot coconut milk, engulfed by silky bubbles of uplifting patchouli and Brazilian orange oils. I hate to say it, but I really don't like the scent of this one and I might have to pass it onto someone else. The scent really isn't what I imagined it to be which I guess is the downside of ordering online.

Happy Blooming Bath Melt | £4.75 // This on the other hand I knew I loved and I wish I had bought more than one. At least I can get three uses out of it! This smells of cherries and it is gorgeous. It is also made up of calamine powder which really helps to soothe my skin as well as it feeling moisturised and soft. 

Happy Blooming Shower Jelly | £7.95 // Since I love the bath melt so much I had to buy the shower jelly as well. It shares the same scent, obviously, and I think it has only been made one other time to celebrate Lush's 10th year online.

I also love how the Kitchen include these polaroids of who has made the products along with the product itself. It's a nice way of keeping track of what you've tried and when it was released when you don't have the product itself anymore.

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03 February 2016

OPI Dulce De Leche

notd-opi-dulce-de-leche-nail-polish-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat
OPI Dulce De Leche // two coats
CND Speedey Top Coat

Dulce De Leche

Dulce De Leche had been on my nail polish wishlist for such a long time before I finally bought it. I feel like it suits my skin tone really well and is a nice change from a straight up nude nail polish. It has a nice dusky rose tone to it


The formula and application of this polish couldn't have been better. It applied smoothly and only needed two coats. Also look at the shine! I took the photo before I had even applied a top coat so if you don't have a problem with chipping like I do, then you can totally skip applying one. I still need to though as nail polish chips so easily on me no matter how I apply it.

South American Collection // Argenteeny Pinkini | Chile o Caliente? | Dulce de Leche | Ecuadorable Coral | Galapa-ghost | La Paz-itively Hot | Peru-B-Ruby | Santiago Sangria | Senorita-Rosalita | The Thrill of Brazil | Up The Amazon Without A Paddle | Vanilla-zuela.

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02 February 2016

Shopping | Hair Care

shopping-hair-care-products-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 3 O & M Original Detox Shampoo | £24 // I'm coming to the end of Bumble And Bumbles Sunday Shampoo and fancied a change. I remembered Kate raving about the leave-in conditioner from the brand so when I spotted this while browsing Space NK I thought I'd try it. It has a lovely mint scent and I quite like the bottle design.

Bumble And Bumble Don't Blow It (H)air Styler | £23 // This is another Kate inspired purchase as it stood out to me when I was reading through her recent hair post. I love B&B products so I have high expectations for this one. I always air dry my hair but I haven't come across a product like this before. A lot of styling creams are aimed at blow drying the hair but this is meant to smooth out hair and decrease frizz while your hair air dries. I have naturally curly hair so I'm intrigued to see what this does to my hair and I'm sure I'll write a proper review at some point.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Infusion | £21.50 // This was the whole reason I made an order from Space NK in the first place as I'm coming to end of the bottle and don't want to be without. I use this every time I wash my hair after using a salt spray to add in a bit of moisture to my hair.

Sachajuan Shine Serum | £22 £11 // Only some Sachajuan products were in the Space NK sale and I think this is because they have changed their packaging slightly. At half price I couldn't resist this shine serum as I think it will be perfect when I curl my hair with heat to smooth out the curls. I think it'll take a bit of time to get the amount of product I use right but I have high hopes for it.

Sachajuan Hairspray | £20 £10 // I'm currently using a mini bottle of hair spray so thought I might as well try Sachajuan's offereing seeing as it was half price. I usually just buy whichever hair spray is on offer in Asda at the time so it'll be interesting to see if a more expensive hair spray works better and if it's worth the price.

Sachajuan Spray Wax | £20 £10 // I wouldn't have bought this full price but for £10 I thought I would try it as it sounds quite similar to Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. Again I feel like there will have to be a bit of playing around with it first to work out how much product I need to use but will be perfect for when I curl my hair to add a bit of texture to it and look more slept in. I'm hoping it'll be easy to brush out afterwards and won't leave my hair feeling too sticky or crunchy.

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