Empties // July 2014

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Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath // I am so sad to see this jar empty! This is definitely a luxurious product and one I wont be buying often. I'm thinking of saving up my Birchbox points and using them to buy it again as it is around £30 full price. I bought this in the Space NK Christmas sale and am hoping to do the same this year. I love everything from the fig scent, the amount of bubbles it creates and the honey stick you use to swirl the product in the bath.

Elie Saab Le Parfum // Another one I'm sad to see empty. This scent lasts forever which is perfect for long days in work and I can still smell it on myself at the end of an eight hour shift. Also if I've sprayed it on clothes I can still smell it a week later. I've just ordered the fresher version of this for summer but I will be buying this again at some point.

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Smoky Eyes Mascara // I don't usually get on well with Maybelline mascaras but I surprisingly loved this one. It's incredibly black and separates, lengthens and adds volume to the lashes, couldn't ask for more in a mascara really.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara // This is a must have in my make-up bag and I've already bought another tube.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Regenerating Mask // I enjoyed using this mask and I did notice a difference to how soft my hair was every time I used it. When it comes to hair products, especially conditioners, deep conditioners and hair masks, I like to constantly try new products so I don't think I'll buy it again or at least for a while.

Bioderma Micellar Solution // This is a skin care must have and although I'm trying other brands at the moment I will always come back to Bioderma. It takes away every last scrap of make-up and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Liz Earle Eye Bright // I have been through so many bottles I've lost count. If I had to guess I'd say maybe fifteen bottles over the past six or eight years I've been using it. I'm never without a bottle as it really helps to soothe hay fever eyes. It was also the only thing I could use to take off my eye make-up when I reacted to the Garnier Eye Make-up Remover below.

Garnier Express 2 In 1 Eye Make-up Remover // I only used this for about a week but I have a horrible reaction to it which made my eczema flare up badly and took more than a month to clear up. Needless to say, I will not be buying this again.
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Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask* // Apart from the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant I haven't tried anything else from Elizabeth Arden until this mask. It's a hydrating mask so adds moisture back into the skin which is what I really need with my eczema prone skin. I liked this enough to finish the tube, it lasted a really long time, but I much prefer the hydrating masks I'm using at the moment like Aveda's or Una Brennan so I wouldn't purchase it myself.

REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk // I had this sitting in my bathroom cabinet for a good few months with only one of two uses left in it. Why I waiting so long to finish it I have no idea but now I have, I've made room for other products. I enjoyed using this cleansing milk, it was gentle and a nice alternative cleanser when I didn't want to use a cleansing balm. I also really like REN's packaging as it means you are able to every last drop of product and nothing goes to waste. Since I bought it, they've now changed the name to Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk. I will buy this again in the future but at the moment I am trying to finish all the cleanser I have before buying anything new.

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist 60 Second Intensive Conditioner // This was a pretty standard deep conditioner but nothing stand out-ish and I wouldn't rush out and buy it again. If it was on offer or I just needed to buy something while in Asda I'd get it again but there are better deep conditioners out there.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Conditioner // I bought this at least a year and a half ago and have only just now finished it. I bought it for £1 so I'm not even sure if it's still available. It was a really nice leave in conditioner and didn't weigh my hair down. I'm currently using one from Healthy Sexy Hair which I'm enjoying.

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float // I was really disappointed with the scent of this product and although I finished the bottle I wouldn't say it was exactly pleasant to use. It has a citrus scent but there's another fragrance in it that I just can't put my finger on what it is but I really didn't like it. My mum actually has a bottle of this as well and loves the scent so if you've been thinking of buying this, have a sniff in store. Luckily I bought it on offer and didn't pay the full price which is really quite expensive for what is essentially a bubble bath.

Korres Fig Shower Gel // I've been though countless bottles of this shower gel from Korres. The scent of this just reminds me of summer and brings back memories. I actually bought this when it was buy one get one free so I have another bottle to use.

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NOTD // Orly Preamp

notd orly preamp nail polish rottenotter rotten otter blog
Synchro // Decoded // Preamp // Shockwave.

Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Orly Preamp // two coats

Preamp was part of Orly's Autumn 2012 collection, Electronica. The other three colours in the collection are Synchro - a duo-chrome red/pink, Decoded - a blue-grey and Shockwave - a royal blue jelly. Decoded reminds me a bit of Models Own moody Grey.

Preamp* is definitely my favourite out of the four from the collection and the most unique, I don't have any polishes like it. It's a pink with very fine gold shimmer that sort of looks like very fine flakies. The shimmer can also look bright pink depending on the light. It sort of has a jelly finish to it so I usually apply three coats but can sometimes get away with two. It also looks really great with a matte top coat. Despite needing a few coats, this polish applies like a dream. It's smooth and goes on even, it only needs a few coats to build up a colour, not to even out the look of the polish.

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The Reading List 001

reading list 001 rottenotter rotten otter blog
At the start of the year I decided to take part in the Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge. I was already a big reader to begin with, I am able to read at quiet times in work, to relax before bed or in the bath, but I wanted a way to document the books I read and also something that's a bit of fun. I also dragged my mum into it and we both challenged ourselves to read fifty two books in 2014. It works out an average of reading one book each week and so far I've been doing that. Some weeks I've managed to finish several books while others I might start a couple and not actually finish any.

Here's just a few books I've got lined up to read this year. I'm currently reading Eden by Keary Taylor and loving it. It's a bit like the tv show The Walking Dead but instead of zombies taking over the world it's half robot/half humans and a small group of people trying to survive.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern // Bzrk Reloaded by Michael Grant // Allegiant by Veronica Roth // Demon Trappers Forsaken & Forbidden by Jana Oliver // City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare // Fractured by Dani Atkins // Eden by Keary Taylor // The Host by Stephanie Meyer // Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

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